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About Door-Stop International

In April 2008 Door-Stop started by offering a composite door solution in a completely different way. They would be easy to buy, they would be quick to get hold of, they were not going to be complicated and were going to be made really easy to sell. All of which they had never been before. Today 90% of Door-Stop’s orders are placed using our 1 minute, 5 step online ordering system. We deliver doors nationwide in just 3 days. And we give our customers loads of tools to help sell more. This obsession with simplicity has led to Door-Stop being the most popular choice of ready to fit composite door.

We create our FD30 Fire Door slabs on site

We take a patented Kerto™ core and machine, press and bond it on site to create the Door-Stop third party certified fire door leaf.

We create our Solid Core Door slabs on site

Utilising the same production techniques as above we are now also able to offer a premium solid core door offering to our customers.

We do everything from one site

The entire Door-Stop operation is just 2 miles from the M1 in North Nottinghamshire. Our 117,000ft site is head office, warehouse, assembly and logistical home for everything we do.

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There are many unique features on a Genuine Door-stop door that you won’t find elsewhere. Make sure when you’re ordering from Halifax Doors, you ask for a Genuine Door-Stop door.

Thirteen door colours

Would you like your living room or kitchen to look the same as everyone else’s? We thought not. There are billions of options to help make your door as individual as your home.

Express your style with our wide selection of colour options – the door can be as individual as you like. You can choose from thirteen door colours; white, black, blue, red, green, oak, darkwood, cream, grey, vintage Chartwell green, soft Duck Egg blue or make a statement with vibrant Poppy Red.

Billions of Options

To help you make your door as individual as your home.

Genuine Door-Stop door perfectly picked for your home.

Hurricane tested

The average rainfall in the UK is between 700mm a year in East Anglia and 3,000mm a year in the Scottish Highlands.* So we’ve designed our doors to be fully protected against extreme weather conditions.

Door-Stop doors are tested in a pressurized chamber to simulate gusting winds starting at 63 miles an hour and up to 80 miles an hour – that’s stronger than a hurricane. Then they are tested further by spraying two litres of water every minute directly at the door in their test chamber – that’s a serious amount of rain.

So even when it’s cats and dogs out there, your door will keep you snug and dry.

Colour door drips

Many other composite doors on the market are fitted with a door-drip (sometimes called a weatherbar) that stands out on the door. Genuine Door-Stop doors are fitted with a door drip the same colour as the door itself as standard on every door we make – available in all 13 different colours.

Glass Reinforced Plastic

Glass Reinforced Plastic, or GRP, has got a serious reputation. For keeping people safe, secure and protected against all weather conditions. It’s used today to make the hulls of boats because it’s super-strong and has exceptional wind and water resistance. That’s also why we use it for our composite doors.

Conventional and modern door furniture

A front door speaks volumes about a property. We can help you make a statement thanks to our range of contemporary and traditional furniture suites which can transform a front door into a real property feature. With the click of a button you can select from one of 8 entirely different furniture suites.

Attention to detail – edges and thresholds

Door-Stop have the first composite door that offers the complete package – all-round style and all round colour. Uniquely coordinated details and exceptional quality. Choose from our oak or darkwood and be assured that every angle of your door has been considered – even the edges.

Real style demands real attention to detail. We’ve carefully considered every aspect – the door leaf has been carefully designed to coordinate with the door frame, the weather drip bar, the reglazable cassettes and our new colour coded caramel or brown colour thresholds.

See your new door on your home with our mobile app

Not sure which door colour or glazing style is right for your home?

The Door-Stop app lets you see exactly how it will look, with twenty-two styles in thirteen colours and great range of glazing options. You can even try your new door on for size – just use your phone or tablet to take a photo of your home, then ‘place’ your newly designed door onto the image! It’s easy to try out as many different looks as you like until you find the perfect match for your home.

  • Quick and powerful door designer to help you create your ideal door.
  • More than twenty door styles in ten colours – plus hundreds of glass options.
  • Side panels and top boxes included to let you view your door in full detail.
  • Photo mode that lets you see how well a door matches your home.
  • Allows you to share your door design ideas over email with friends and family.

Excited by all the features you see listed here?

With all the high quality features we offer, it’s important to know that you’ve got the real thing. That’s why all our doors carry an official stamp on the hinge edge near the bottom of the door – it’s our mark of quality to ensure that your door receives top marks from you.

Make sure when you’re ordering from Halifax Doors & Windows, you ask for a Genuine Door-Stop door.