Replacement Glass Units

If you have a misted glass unit, this means that the unit has broken down.  This doesn’t mean you need new windows, just that the glass unit needs replacing.  Glass units can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of new windows and can be done on almost every type of window be it timber, aluminium or uPVC.
When your glass sealed unit has broken down this means the insulating efficiency is reduced which causes condensation between the glass panes.  Here at Halifax Doors & Windows we can replace broken & misted glass units quickly and efficiently.  We can match your existing glass patterns or replace with a new style, simply choose from our wide range of patterns in our brochure and we will ensure a fast efficient install of your new glass units.

Halifax Doors & Windows provide a comprehensive repair service for all types of upvc windows & doors

Halifax Doors & Windows offer a complete service from a door or window installation to a replacement hinge or handle, contact us today, we will help!

Here at Halifax Doors & Windows we believe we are the number 1 choice for double glazing repairs in Halifax, Calderdale and surrounding areas.  A lot of window companies don’t take on small repair jobs as they don’t make them enough money they would rather replace something that is easy to repair with a new window or door.

Halifax Doors & Windows are different, we are a small family run business and pride ourselves on the services we offer, we are happy to undertake any repair job regardless of size, we are here to help!  If your door or window can be repaired rather than replaced, we will repair it.  Below is a small selection of the repair work Halifax Doors & Windows carry out on a daily basis around Halifax & Calderdale.

Window Repairs

As your windows get older they may encounter problems that can easily be rectified, such as:

Broken Hinges or Handles – As metal parts age, they are often prone to rust, corrosion and wear and tear due to exposure to the elements when the window is open.  Plastic parts are no different when exposed over a period of time they can become brittle and snap.  The remedy for this is to replace the hinges or handles.  Here at Halifax Doors & Windows we have stock of all types of window handles and hinges and in most cases can replace on the first visit.

Window Locks – These can fail for a variety of reasons.  The mechanism can wear down over time even with light use, attempted break-in can lead to faults or simply that the lock has never been oiled / maintained.  Often if a lock fails it is an ideal opportunity to upgrade your lock for a more secure up to date model.  People often choose lock upgrades for peace of mind or as a result of Police or Insurance Company recommendations.  Halifax Doors & Windows can replace the majority of window locks, be it like for like or to an upgraded specification.

Door Repairs

Your door is the main entrance to your home, unlike your windows it is used several times a day, meaning it is more likely to require a repair at some point in it’s life.  Several things can go wrong with doors such as:

Door Handles – The main issue we find with door handles is that the lever become droopy and doesn’t return to it’s usual 90 degree position, or in some circumstances the lever comes off.  Other issues include the colour fading or pitting and becoming more common place they are damaged through attempted break-ins.  In the case of a droopy lever a simple spring cassette can resolve the issue with minimal cost but in most cases a replacement handle is required.  This isn’t the end of the world, Halifax Doors & Windows carry a vast stock of door handles so we will be able to replace your door handle and have your door back up and running in no time.

Door Locks – These can fail for a variety of reasons.  The mechanism can wear down over time even with light use, attempted break-in can lead to faults or simply that the lock has never been oiled / maintained.  There are hundreds of different types of door locks on the market and Halifax Doors & Windows have access to most of them, meaning if your door lock is faulty we can replace it for you.

Hinges / Letterboxes – Hinges can snap over time as they are under strain from the day they are installed, and letter plates are renowned for breaking, in particular the flap coming off.  Halifax Doors & Windows can replace your door hinges or fit a new letter plate with minimal fuss.

Draughty Door / Catching Door – Over time due to the weight of the door it moves about, drops and becomes out of line.  Halifax Doors & Windows can provide a full service on your door, replacing any gasket where required, adjusting the door alignment and bringing it back into square preventing it from catching.  Get rid of that draught or annoying catch of your door, call Halifax Doors & Windows.

Double Glazing Repairs Halifax

If you don’t see your issue listed above don’t worry, if we were to list all of the repairs possible on windows & doors we could write a book.  Halifax Doors & Windows are the number 1 choice for double glazing repairs in Halifax and surrounding areas, call us today, we can help!